Astodan is a wild ride through emotive post rock verging on post metal, all momentum and groove blending with introspective piano, crashing chords, cool electronics and delayed leads...
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Astodan at #dnk2018 by Mats Lam


Astodan • Ameretat

Released on May 3rd, 2018. Limited to 300 copies.

Hailing from various cities in Belgium, Astodan brings a distinctly European flavor to their brand of post-rock, characterized by crisp production and a sound that has clear roots in the metal world. Blending ambient soundscapes with intense moments of upheaval, their strong grasp of tastefully restrained, rich harmonies allows the imagination to bloom and creates an environment in which the more explosive moments emerge keenly focused and flourishing with determined dramatic purpose.

Intimate, melancholic keys, bass drenched in spacey tones, well-placed electronics, melodic guitar textures and towering, emotionally-draining riffs combine to create an experience that is as vulnerable and introspective as it is soaring and cathartic. Sharp clarity and precise control characterize the songs of Ameretat; during both moments of soothing calm and ascending fury, this is a carefully measured and expertly delivered collection of atmospheric rock compositions.

Taking inspiration from burial rituals (“Ameretat” itself means “eternal life”), Astodan seeks to engage the ideas surrounding death, rebirth and the afterlife with this album. The result is a work that deftly balances both darkness and light, uplifting beauty and mournful outcry. To complement their conceptual design the band has brought in artist Joris Silverans to create a piece of artwork for each track to act as an aesthetic accompaniment. Ameretat was recorded by Ivan Houben (Blackout Studios) and Andres Algaba.

For a band in only its third year of existence, Ameretat proves to not only be a testament to Astodan’s cohesiveness as a unit, but also an exciting foreshadowing of their abilities going forward.

— text by David Zeidler (Young Epoch)