Jeffk groove heavy low end focused instrumental music with foundations in metal that also features wellplaced emphasis on more traditional upbeat rock styling.
— Jeffk

Jeffk live by Anna wirz


Jeffk • Inadequate Shelter [LP]

Released on Sept. 29th, 2018. Limited to 200 copies.

For those post-rock enthusiasts who find themselves concerned about heading down paths characterized by reserved rhythmic tendencies or a lack of dynamic flourishes, rejoice in your discovery of jeffk, the heroes you’ve been waiting for. This is groove-heavy, low-end focused instrumental music with foundations in metal that also features well-placed emphasis on more traditional upbeat rock stylings. Functioning as a three piece, there is a necessary tightening of the compositional approach, making the chemistry displayed between each member paramount. The result is an inspiring fusion of drum and bass fueled swagger and post-rock textures.

Transposing drone concepts over riff-rock, jeffk builds sonic landscapes which utilize repetition as a tool to both crush listeners and inspire cathartic physical release (in the world outside of post-rock some refer to this action as “dancing”). The band takes the necessary time to construct their rhythmic patterns, but each track always feels like it is moving forward toward compelling ends. Careful listeners will also find themselves fascinated by the ease with which the bass vacillates between building the rhythm and accentuating the guitar melodies, acting as the agent of cohesion between two unique stylistic approaches. Inadequate shelter is a bright beam of light bursting through the cloud of familiarity, pulling the listener out of the prosaic haze and giving them something to get moving for.

jeffk is making their dunk!records debut with the release of inadequate shelter; for those listeners in America just becoming excitedly acquainted with the band, A Thousand Arms will be handling US distribution, so place your shipping cost worries at ease.

— text by David Zeidler (Young Epoch)