Welcome to our studios! Come on in, have a look around, let's make some music!

Here, you (and your band) can do studio recordings, get your sessions mixed (and mastered), rehearse or come together for post production of your music, assisted as required by professional studio-engineers. 

The control rooms are equipped with both the best of vintage analog gear, mysterious self made outboard and state of the art preamps, as high end digital convertors, DAWs and plugins. To keep full focus on the artistic side of creating music, we also offer accommodation and rehearsal spaces on site to keep your stay as comfortable as possible. 

Do you want to work on your single, EP or album in a natural, inspiring and relaxed atmosphere with full discretion and without any distraction? Just contact us and we will look at the possibilities for your future booking.



Jonas Everaert

Jonas developed an interest in music at a very young age. Growing up, he studied trumpet, piano, guitar and bass. At the age of 20 he moved to Ghent to study Music Production and Composition at the Ghent Conservatory. Here, he learned the trade from accomplished engineers such as Gert Jacobs, Reinhardt Vanbergen, Werner Pensaert, Jan Chantrain and many others. Since graduating he has been working in several studios and continues to do so until this present day.

Since september 2018, he founded dunk!studios together with Jannes and dunk! Where he and his colleagues are working hard to create an environment where musicians feel at home. He also works as an in house mastering engineer for the dunk!records and dunk!pressing.

Productions worked on: Anima Eterna, Flemish Filharmonic, Flemish Radio choir, Dre Pallemaerts, Amir El Saffar, Tom Harell, Flairck, Bart Peeters, Mathias Van de Wiele, Lamar, Maze, Mind Rays, UMM, Sarah Ferri and many more.


Jannes Van Rossom

Jannes first got in touch with the production side of music being a drummer as a young boy. This evolved in recording his own demo and using those learned skills on other bands at the age of 15. At the age of 18 he wanted to take his interest in sound recording to the next level and started at RITS (Brussels) for audio recordings focussed around audiovisual projects. Two years into this training Jannes decided pure music production was the way to go and moved to PXL Music in Hasselt, Belgium. During his years at this institute he was able to learn the craft from experienced producers such as Werner Pensaert, Stijn Verdonckt, Filip Heurckmans and many more. During his four months internship he worked with David Poltrock, Mario Goossens and Peter Schmidt. After graduating in 2014 he still works with most of them but he also built his own studio space which we are now happy to call one of our dunk!studios.

Worked on: Double Veterans, DVKES, De Mens, Jasper Steverlink, Yevgueni, Steak Number 8, BRUTUS, The Guru Guru, Douglas Firs, ROZA PARKS, Russian Circles (live album), The Scabs, Jacle Bow, Tom Helsen, Marco Z




SM57 (4x), SM58 (x2), PE 66L (2x), SM7b (x2)

MD421 (4x), E606 (2x), MD441, MD21 (x2), MD211 (x2), MD408 x2, MD406n

M160, M260, M55, M410, M88, M201, Opus 99, Opus 88 (x4),
Opus 53 (x2)

C214 (2x)

SE Electronics
SE2200A (2x)

Audio Technica
AT2020, AT2035, ATM350

PZM (6x)

line audio
cm3 (x2)

RB500 (x2), RB100 Xaudia re-ribbon (x2)

U87 (1973), TLM 49

+ lots of dirt and toy mics



Drawmer 1961 valve EQ

Rebis audio stereo EQ

32 beautiful MCI EQ's


MCI 528

Studer 169

Mackie 32/8/2

Revox C279

Roland PA mixer (built in reverb)


TC Electronic M300

Yamaha REV 7

Yamaha SPX 900

Eventide H3000 SE

DBX 120XP Subharmonic Synth

Fender Deluxe Spring Reverb

Korg SDD3000

EMT 140 plate reverb

Waldorf 2-pole analog filter



Hairball Audio 1176 Rev D (2x)

SSL bus compressor G series (stereo)

DBX 160X compressor/limiter

DBX 160XT compressor/limiter (2x)

DBX 166 stereo compressor/limiter (stereo)

Teletronix LA2A (clone)


Logic X

Protools 12


Soundtoys 5 (full)



Abbey Road




Plugin Alliance


Antelope Orion 32

Antelope Goliath

Motu Traveler MKI


KRK V8  + sub


Adam AX7

Teledyne AR18


Beyerdynamic DT770 (2x)

Devine PRO 3000 (3x)

Original WWII Pilot Headset (vintage)


Fender Rhodes MKII (1983)

Fazer Upright Piano

Alpha Juno 2

Korg Minilogue


Oberheim Matrix1000

Oberheim Matrix6

Roland FP4

Solina organ

ELKA organ

Yamaha SHS-200

Bontempi keyboard

Fender custom shop closet classic 62' Strat

Fender Telecaster Thinline MIM

Art & Lutherie nylon string Parlor

Cort Earth

60's Beat 99  Italian electric (signed by Adriano Celentano)

60's Catania Carmelo era 3 acoustic

50's Isana Archtop

40's Harmony Patrician Deluxe 

vintage Vega Power Les Paul

Blueridge concert acoustic

Recording King Banjo

The Loar mandolin

Tenor Ukelele

Fender 5 string Jazz Bass

Squier 4 string Precision Bass

Selmer 156 Vanguard

Fender Princeton Reverb

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Schecter David Deluxe

Vintage blonde Fender Pro Junior

London City

Ampeg SVT


Double Veterans • DVKES • De Mens • Tubelight • Slow Pilot • Jasper Steverlink • Yevgueni • Razen • Steak Number Eight • Manoeuvres • BRUTUS • The Guru Guru • Pothamus • Douglas Firs • Stories From the lost • Carne Di Petto • ROZA PARKS • Rusty Roots • PELICAN (live album) • Russian Circles (live album) • Helsinki • The Scabs • Jacle Bow • Tom Helsen • Celestial Wolves • Fitzgerald • Marco Z • TOGTONT • Sean Dhondt • Harry Ballz Foreplay • All We Expected • Last Of Us • Anima Eterna • Flemish Filharmonic • Flemish Radio choir • Dre Pallemaerts • Amir El Saffar • Tom Harell • Flairck • Bart Peeters • Mathias Van de Wiele • Lamar • Maze • Mind Rays • UMM • Ertebrekers • Sarah Ferri • Lost In Kiev • Pray For Sound • MANTIS • Spoiwo • Au Revoir and many more.


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