Our Team

Our team for dunk!festival is assembled by a whole bunch of amazing volunteers but besides that we have a small team working on a daily base to produce wonderful albums, have them pressed on vinyl and spread the music to interested ears and much more than that.


Luc Lievens

President of the organization, founder and co-organizer of dunk!festival, where it all started in 2005. Overlooking and guarding the overall functioning of the different projects making sure the artistic direction is on track while working his way through all administrational hurdles of running a non-profit organization.


Wout Lievens

Founder of dunk!records in 2011 and dunk!pressing in 2018, working on all aspects that involve running a label and pressing plant such as artist selection, releasing albums, webshop management, customer support, account management... Once a year co-organizing dunk!festival.

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Mart Lievens

In charge of vinyl production: operating our presses and responsible for translating the interesting ideas of bands and customers into good looking and excellent sounding records.


Jonas Everaert

Is mostly involved in running a studio at dunk!studios and managing the dunk!spaces. If an album has to be mastered after dunk!studios and before going to dunk!pressing he’s the guy we call.


Jannes Van Rossom

One of our producers running dunk!studios. Jannes is in charge of recordings and mixing, including the wonderful dunk!sessions and live at dunk!fest albums.


Joris de bolle

Our liaison at dunk!records in terms of PR, Joris either sets up a customized plan together with the band or supports rolling out theirs, covers our social media and helps out to spread new releases to the media partners.